Hybrid Offshore Indicator Lamp

Hybrid Offshore Indicator lamp made of renewable energy without wires

It combines solar and wind power complement each other's shortcomings to maximize energy efficiency

Hybrid Offshore Indicator Lamp
  • Solar and wind power renewable energy
  • CCTV compound Smart green energy 30W 40W 50W
  • 'Hard-ano-Daising' technique is applied



The Hybrid Offshore Indicator Lamps engineered by Haedong Tech utilize both wind and solar energy efficiency. 

Cylindrical vertical axis aluminium wind generators are manufacture from aluminium to minimize magnetic field loss and power production regardless of wind direction.


It combines solar and wind power to maximize energy efficiency

Easy installation of hybrid systems  

Efficient electrical system for new renewable energy of wind and solar power  

Product details

Wind Power Generation Unit 

- Cylindrical vertical axis aluminium wind turbin  produces power regardless of wind direction

- To minimize the loss of magnetic fields, 'Hard-ano-Daising' technique is applied

Solar Panel 

- High-efficiency single-crystal modules allow for the array of silicon atoms so that  they are efficient without interrupting the flow on electrons.  

LED Lamp 

- High-efficiency equipment certified product for SMPS waterproofing improve functionality to gain reliability and increased efficiency by using co-evolving circuits.


- MPPT hybrid(sunlight + wind power) charging controller only

- With battery overcharging and over-discharge control resolving safety issues


- Currently to secure stable voltage and high efficiency with the most stable lithium, phosphate iron battery안

- Excellent dust-proof and air-proof

- High reliability and battery life of more than 2,000 cycles a guaranteed


Model nameSGEM-30B
LED Lightning machine45W
Wind power100W
Solar power100W
BatteryLithium phosphoric acid iron
12V 240Ah
ControllerHybrid Controller
Support, Connection pipeMaterialSTS304
Height (M)5.5
FeaturesDistribution board
Number of days of absence3 days

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