Hybrid Solar Streetlight

Automatically recharge with solar power, without worry about electricity bills. 

Easy to install and move

interior design and promotional effects

Built-in Light Detection Sensor

The light sensor detects the brightness around it, so it turns on/off automatically.

Charging through solar energy. It turns on automatically at night when it gets dark.



The content street lamps engineered by Haedong Tech are automatically charged with solar energy, so they are good for interior design and promotion, without worrying about electricity bills.


Automatic solar power recharge 

The light sensor responds to the amount of light. It turns on automatically at night.


Easy to install and move

If it's charged enough on a sunny day, available for up to 8 hours


Promotion effect and Interior

Transparent sphere with various contents inserted, it can be used an interior design

Built-in light detection sensor lights up automatically during the day to charge and turn on automatically at night.

Easy to change to various content, which blends with the surrounding interior.

Transparent sphere content can be customized. (optional, custom order)

detail size


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